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Rewind #15.001 2015-02-21 Download

90 minutes of pure rave tunage in the mix. Tunes by Strange Rollers, Eddie Voyager, Nervous and Anxious, Pirate Jams, Stormski, UFO Project, Avro, Rave in Peace, Damage Inc., Candyman and Vinyl Junkie.


Rewind #13.012 2013-11-30 Download

Three hours live – with a large number of Stu and Nee tunes (left over from the Stu and Nee special 2 months ago) and fresh tunes from Warehouse Wax, Hardcore Lives and many many more.

Rewind #13.009 2013-09-07 Download

We got tons of unreleased tunes, bootlegs and the greatest classic releases from over 10 years of productive music craftsmanship from the man like DJ Nee in a huge DJ Nee special!

Rewind #13.008 2013-08-10 Download

Rave meets Drum’n’Bass with a 1.5 hour mix of the finest Danny Byrd tunes.

Rewind #13.004 2013-04-20 Download

We embrace the sun with some piano business – 3 hours of oldskool and nuskool breakbeat hardcore, piano riffs guaranteed.

Rewind #13.001 2013-01-26 Download

We’re kicking the new year 2013 in with fresh tunes from THREE albums: Good Times Recordings – Hardcore Breaks for the Future Rave Generation, Faydz and Twista – Back to the Future and CLSM – Return to the Unexpected. The first two hours are full of hardcore breaks and ravebreaks goodness, the last hour is a UK hardcore special chock full of CLSM originals and remixes.


Rewind #12.013 2012-12-29 Download

Last show of the year and of course it is a 3-hour best-of special!

Rewind #12.010 2012-10-06 Download

First half oldskool special and second half a fine selection of Hardcorebreaks and Ravebreaks – we had a great time at the studio that day!

Rewind #12.007 2012-07-14 Download

The july show of 2012 is chock full of previously unplayed tunes.

Rewind #12.006 2012-06-16 Download

The june show of 2012 showcased not only one but two Hardcorebreaks albums, the first being “Full Circle” by Electrux on Hardcorelives [HCLELX1] (get it from, the second one was “The real Hardcore” by Nefti on Intensive Recordings [INTENSIVE012] (get it from plus a bucket full of fresh released tunes.

MK2k LiVE at the Duke Club Leipzig 2012-05-19 and Rewind #12.005 2012-05-20 Download

The full 5 hours and 19 minutes of Breakbeat Hardcore and UK Hardcore goodness from 19th may 2012, 3 hours were aired on the REWiND Show the evening after the party.

Rewind #12.004 2012-04-21 Download

This includes the first 2 hours of the live show, the last hours was a playback of Mickey Finn’s set at Euphoria Level 2.0 at Edelfettwerk Hambug (7th April 2012)

Rewind #12.002 2012-02-25 Download

First half: Fresh tunes of Hardcorebreaks and Ravebreaks, second half: DJ Definition B2B Dread1 Breaks Guestmix.

Rewind #12.001 2012-01-28 Download

First half: Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore, second half: fresh tunes of Hardcorebreaks and Ravebreaks.


Rewind #11.006 2011-11-12 Download

First half fresh and classic Hardcorebreaks and Ravebreaks, second half UK Hardcore special.

Rewind #11.004 2011-08-13 Download

Fresh tunes from the Ravepublic of Poland in the first hour and two hours of pure darkness in Hardcore Breaks, Ravebreaks and J-Tek.

Rewind #11.002 2011-04-05 Download

First 1.5 hours: MK2k LiVE with the newest tunage and classic hardcore breaks, second 1.5 hours DJ Mixxi Studiomix “My way to Hardcorebreaks” premier airing with a fine selection of hardcore breaks and rave breaks.

Rewind #11.001 2011-02-05 Download

SPECiAL: Among fine pieces of hardcorebreaks and rave breaks, REWiND #11.001 features a selection of tunes from the upcoming (out now!) Hardcore Energy 8 Sampler.


Rewind #001 2008-09-16 Download

Rewind #003 2008-10-25 Download

Stoerenfried B2B MK2k at DJNacht 2008-11-01 Download

Rewind #004 2008-11-08 Download

Rewind #005 2008-11-22 Download

Other past shows

MK2k Hardcore Breaks Studiomix 2007-11-14 Download

MK2k Live on Test Radio 2008-02-07 Download

MK2k Live at North vs. South on Renegade Radio 2008-05-05 Download

MK2k Live at The Ultimate Supremacy on Renegade Radio 2008-05-25 Download

MK2k Breakcore Live on Stress Factor Radio 2008-07-24 Download

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